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This is the first post for me on Word Press but since I consider myself as a critical, strategic, analytic, and common sense thinker and passionate about the wonderful country that I thought when I was growing up, was the white knight of the world. You will be hearing a lot more from me until the turn off the phone lines and electricity. I believe what I have to say today is without a doubt the number one priority, right now for our very survival as a United Republic and that is our ECONOMY. 

I see a trend going on in the social medias like twitter, FB, the main stream media and that has everybody’s attention is on other things that are distracting us from the number 1 priority which we should be more concerned about than anything else. The economy is our very existence so pay attention..

When I’m on twitter I see people thinking about the 2nd amendment issues, Obama’s so called messes he’s in with the Benghazi cover up, appointing his brother to the IRS and it’s targeting of certain groups, the DOJ  getting millions of phone call records of citizens and congressional members without a warrant. I think by now everybody should know that Obama is a Muslim which he has stated publicly that he would side with them when the chips are down.  I’ve heard a lot of saber rattling in the congress of outrage about Obama’s egregiously bad things he’s done to trample the Constitution from everybody and frankly I’m sick of it.  Obama’s birth certificate, all school records of all college he’s allegedly attended along with wife Michele are sealed. So here is what I have a major problem with.  With all the congressional saber rattling, the legitimacy of his presidency, everyone’s focus on his “Crises”, 2nd amendment issues his contempt for congress and telling them he doesn’t have to answer to them about all his misdeeds he answers to the United Nations is just unbelievable. Obama should be declared an Enemy of The state and Charges brought by congress to impeach him ASAP because we are running out of time. With all these unbelievable things that Obama has lied about, tried poorly to cover them up what has anybody in congress done?  I’ll tell you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NADA, ZERO.  Why haven’t they because they are just as corrupt and part of his agenda to destroy the United States.  OK this piece is about the Economy so let me give you some facts about it.  1.  Leading Economists have said it is a mathematical certainty that our economy will collapse. I no stocks are up and things look good but it is an illusion another bubble waiting to burst.  The reason stocks are doing well is the world economy is based on the U.S. Dollar and we can print money like it’s going out of style. If you’ve read the news you know that the European countries are in great financial distress along with the rest of the world. Germany has just called back it’s gold supply, China, Japan are also re-positioning their money and getting rid of dollars.  The Dollar has devalued %10 since last June.

Here are a few statistics that you probably don’t know since Obama’s become President.

1.  During Obama’s first term people on food stamps increased by about 11,000 per day.

2.  At the beginning of Obama’s 1st term there were about 32,000,000 people on food stamps now there are about 47,000,000 million people on food stamps.

3.  According to 1 calculation the total number of people on food stamps equals the total population of 25 states which is half the country.

4.  The number of people receiving money has grown from 94,000,000 in 2000 to approximately 146,000,000 today which is 1/3 of the entire U.S. population.

5.  According to the U.S. Census bureau 146,000,000 people are either poor or low income today.

6.  The unemployment rate is approximately 7.8% which is where it was when he entered office.

7.  When Obama entered office 60.6 percent of all working age people had jobs.  Today only 58.6 percent of working age people have jobs.

8.   During the first four years of Obama, the number of Americans “not in the labor force” soared by an astounding 8,332,000.  That far exceeds any previous four year total.

9.  During Obama’s first term, the number of Americans collecting federal disability insurance rose by more than 18 percent.

10. The Obama years have been absolutely devastating for small businesses in America.  According to economist Tim Kane, the following is how the number of  start up jobs per 1000 Americans breaks down by presidential administration… 

Bush Sr: 11.3

Clinton:  11.2

Bush Jr: 10.8

Obama:  7.8

11. Median household income in America has fallen for four consecutive years.  Overall, it has declined by over $4000 during that time span.

12. The economy is not producing nearly enough jobs for the hordes of young people now entering the workforce.  Approximately 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed in 2011.

13. According to a report from the National Employment Law Project, 58 percent of the jobs that have been created since the end of the recession have been low paying jobs.

14. Back in 2007, about 28 percent of all working families were considered to be among “the working poor”.  Today, that number is up to 32 percent even though our politicians tell us that the economy is supposedly recovering.

15. According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, only 24.6 percent of all of the jobs in the United States are “good jobs” at this point.

16. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the middle class is taking home a smaller share of the overall income pie than has ever been recorded before.

17. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the United States is losing half a million jobs to China every single year.

18. The United States has fallen in the global economic competitiveness rankings compiled by the World Economic Forum for four years in a row.

19. According to the World Bank, U.S. GDP accounted for 31.8 percent of all global economic activity in 2001.  That number declined steadily over the course of the next decade and was only at 21.6 percent in 2011.

20. The United States actually has plenty of oil and we should not have to import oil from the Middle East.  We need to drill for more oil, but Obama has been very hesitant to do that.  Under Bill Clinton, the number of drilling permits approved rose by 58 percent.  Under George W. Bush, the number of drilling permits approved rose by 116 percent.  Under Barack Obama, the number of drilling permits approved actually decreased by 36 percent.

21. When Barack Obama took office, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.84.  Today, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.26.

22. Under Barack Obama, the United States has lost more than 300,000 education jobs.

23. For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.

24. Families that have a head of household under the age of 30 now have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

25. More than three times as many new homes were sold in the United States in 2005 as were sold in 2012.

26. Electricity bills in the United States have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.

27. Health insurance costs have risen by 29 percent since Barack Obama became president.

28. Today, 77 percent of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck at least part of the time.

29. It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

30. The total amount of money that the federal government gives directly to the American people has grown by 32 percent since Barack Obama became president.

31. The Obama administration has been spending money on some of the most insane things imaginable.  For example, in 2011 the Obama administration spent$592,527 on a study that sought to figure out once and for all why chimpanzees throw poop.

32. U.S. taxpayers spend more than 20 times as much on the Obamas’

as British taxpayers spend on the royal family.

33. The U.S. government has run a budget deficit of well over a trillion dollars every single year under Barack Obama.

34. When Barack Obama was first elected, the U.S. debt to GDP ratio was under 70 percent.  Today, it is up to 103 percent.

35. During Obama’s first term, the federal government accumulated more debt than it did under the first 42 U.S presidents combined.

36. As I wrote about yesterday, when you break it down the amount of new debt accumulated by the U.S. government during Obama’s first term comes to approximately $50,521 for every single household in the United States.  Are you ready to contribute your share?

37. If you started paying off just the new debt that the U.S. has accumulated during the Obama administration at the rate of one dollar per second, it would take more than 184,000 years to pay it off.

But despite all of these numbers, the mainstream media and the left just continue to shower Barack Obama with worship and praise.  Newsweek recently heralded Obama’s second term as “The Second Coming“, and at Obama’s pre-inauguration church service Reverend Ronald Braxton openly compared Obama to Moses…

At Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church, Braxton reportedly crafted his speech around Obama’s personal political slogan: “Forward!”

Obama, said Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea: “forward is the only option … The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.” Obama, said Braxton, would have to overcome all obstacles – like opposition from Republicans, presumably, or the bounds of the Constitution. Braxton continued, “Mr. President, stand on the rock,” citing to Moses standing on Mount Horeb as his people camped outside the land of Israel.

But it wasn’t enough to compare Obama with the founder of Judaism and the prophet of the Bible. Braxton added that Obama’s opponents were like the Biblical enemies of Moses, and that Obama would have to enter the battle because “sometimes enemies insist on doing it the hard way.”

So what do you think the next four years of Obama will bring?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

Obama Inauguration

The above statistics provided by:

Time for talking and debating is over. Actions speak louder than words. Here is a way to start. email and call your congressman’s office for your district and do the same with both U.S. Senators and I’ll give you a web address at the end of this. If nothing is done in the 2014 election vote every sitting congressman out of office and 1/3 of the U.S. Senate will be up for re-election if they haven’t done anything about Obama vote there asses out too.  When you call and email them tell their office what you want and if they don’t do it you will vote against them. Pass this letter on to as many people you can. If we cant’ do it by the constitutional process there will be a lot of American blood spilled on our soil. will give you all there names and emails and numbers. Gods Speed.


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